15 Garage Sale Treasures Waiting to Be Found

Garage sales are great places to unearth treasure. Beyond the dusty VHS tapes and chipped mugs lie hidden gems that can find new life in your home or even turn a tidy profit. Here are 15 garage sale items that are flying off the shelves:

Vintage Clothing and Accessories

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From classic handbags to retro football shirts,  vintage clothing is in high demand. People who shop for vintage clothing are not just looking for cheap clothes but for timeless styles, quality materials, and unique details. You can buy vintage clothes from garage sales to wear yourself or refresh them and resell them online.

Retro Games and Consoles

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The nostalgia for classic video games remains strong, so when people discover   Nintendo 64s or vintage Game Boys in the attic, they could be in for a fair sum of money. Retro games and consoles are a gamer’s goldmine, and even old cartridges of popular games can fetch a surprising price.

Children’s Books and Toys

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Parents are always on the lookout for gently used children’s items as they look to save money.  Storybooks in good condition, classic board games, or barely-used educational toys can find happy new homes at your garage sale.

Tools and Hardware

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If you find a toolbox overflowing with screwdrivers, wrenches, or hammers, a DIY enthusiast can pay a good price for them. People are always looking for ways to tackle home improvement projects without breaking the bank, and often, old tools are better quality.

Furniture with Potential

Don’t be discouraged by outdated furniture. People are always looking for an upcycling project. A solid wood dresser with a little TLC can be transformed into a trendy statement piece. People are particularly interested in mid-century furniture or class chair designs. 

Housewares and Kitchenware

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High-quality cookware, baking dishes, or even vintage tableware can be a steal at garage sales. Look for brands known for durability and functionality, such as Pyrex, Silpat, and Wilson, which are desirable among foodies. 

Sporting Goods

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Bikes, baseball bats, or gently used exercise equipment are perfect for budget-minded fitness enthusiasts. You will need to test any equipment to ensure it’s in good working condition and be prepared to haggle, as sellers will be keen to eliminate large pieces of equipment taking up their garage space.

Garden Supplies

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Pots, planters, and gardening tools are welcome for budding green thumbs. If stored correctly when plants are not in season, these items can last for years. You can even use garden equipment for upcycling projects to sell to others. 

Holiday Decorations

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Christmas ornaments, Halloween costumes, or seasonal decorations can be a great bargain, especially if you’re planning for next year. You can find unique pieces that add personality to your holiday decor rather than buying the same supermarket items everybody else buys.

Art and Picture Frames

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Unique artwork or interesting picture frames can add character to your home decor, and a garage sale is the perfect place to find them. Even unframed prints can be a great find, allowing you to choose the perfect frame to match your style.

Linens and Fabrics

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High-quality bedsheets, tablecloths, or vintage fabrics can be repurposed for sewing projects or home decor updates. Look for natural fibers like cotton or linen for extra value or pieces that are not quite to your taste but can be recycled into something more suitable. You can even take home older fabrics to use on your pets or muddy areas of your home. 

DIY and Craft Supplies

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Scraps of fabric, buttons, yarn, or even leftover paint can be a crafter’s dream. These odds and ends can ignite creative inspiration for new projects and can save a lot of money. What you can find in a garage sale is amazing, so it’s an artist’s dream to take home anything that sparks your imagination. 

CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records

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While streaming services are popular, there’s still a market for physical music media. Look for classic albums, box sets, or hard-to-find DVDs that collectors might want. You may not want to watch the movies or listen to music yourself, but you can relist online or take it to local dealers. 


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Be cautious with costume jewelry, as some of it can be useless, but some pieces may add charm to an outfit. For real jewelry, you should assess the quality of materials and ensure authenticity before buying.


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Trawling old, smelly books at a garage sale can be tedious, but you may stumble on a rare collector’s item. First and early editions can go for significant prices online or at a local dealer. You can also turn older books into art pieces alongside the craft items you might find.

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