Top 10 Best AI Apps in 2024

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become increasingly popular in modern life. People from all over the world have come across AI or use AI without even realizing it. Using machine learning techniques and deep learning, AI can display intelligence that simulates human behavior and thinking and can even be used to solve various problems. AI applications or AI apps have significantly evolved and improved over the years, with AI apps available across different kinds of business sectors. With the help of AI apps, users also have the opportunity to simplify modern-day problems, finding all kinds of solutions through AI. 

Here are the 10 Best AI Apps to Use in 2024

  1. ChatGPT

    Also known as Chat Generatice Pre-trained Transformer, is one of the most popular language model AI chatbots from OpenAI. This AI app is available across all devices, including Android and iOS. As one of the leaders in the chatbot space, ChatGPT allows users to converse, ask questions, and generate text on the app across all kinds of topics. Users of the app can sync their ChatGPT data across different devices. They can also use the whisper integration feature on the app to voice out questions to the chatbot rather than type them in. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, the app produces human-like texts through transformer neural networks to provide users with all kinds of responses.
  2. Cleo

     Cleo is an AI app that assists users with personal finance management tasks. Users can adequately manage their budget and savings through the AI assistant app while avoiding unnecessary purchases and borrowing money. The app is linked directly to the user’s bank account to help users keep overspending in check. With artificial intelligence and natural language generation, Cleo provides financial advice with a tinge of unique personality through messages the app sends to users regarding their financial situations. This is one of the best mobile apps dedicated to personal finance by turning the complexities involved in finances into a simple conversation.
  3. Wysa

    With mental health being a priority for individuals worldwide, Wysa provides users with a hybrid approach towards mental health solutions, combining artificial intelligence and humans to provide users with the care they require. The clinically validated AI used by Wysa provides immediate support as the first step towards mental health care and human coaching for users who need more. Users can engage with the conversational AI agent, who then curates user-specific care guides and programs. The app was created to ensure that users remain completely anonymous while removing any stigma and limits linked to mental health care.
  4. Facetune

    Using artificial intelligence and various AI-powered features, Facetune has taken photo editing to new heights. This photo and video editing app started with simple features and has since evolved to include AI-generated presets and AI tools to enable users to edit their photos and videos using artificial intelligence software. The app has a user-friendly interface and includes a wide variety of editing features to enhance photos and videos that encapsulate the user’s vision effortlessly. Users can use this mobile app across different mobile devices by downloading it from the App Store or the Play Store.
  5. Alexa

     Alexa is an AI-powered voice assistant that has become a household name since it was first launched in 2014. With the app’s help, users can ask Alexa to make lists, set alarms, make online orders, etc. The digital assistant was created with sophisticated natural language processing capabilities, allowing it to understand spoken languages while generating fluent conversations with users. Through the app, users can manage their Alexa-enabled devices and control and view various lists, reminders, etc., that have been set up using Alexa. Now, the app is being developed with a new large language model that can understand more conversational phrases to improve user experience.
  6. Grammarly

    Writing with the help of this virtual writing assitant will infinitely improve grammar, spelling, and even vocabulary. Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that enables users to communicate effectively with correspondents. This artificial intelligence writing app has an AI-powered keyboard with tools that check grammar and spelling. It provides users with suggestions that make writing more transparent and more confident. Grammarly is one of the best apps that provides users looking to improve communication with an app that uses cutting-edge technology to provide AI communication assistance through approaches that include generative AI, natural language processing, advanced machine learning, and deep learning.  
  7. ELSA Speak

    This is an AI app that provides users with an AI-powered English-speaking coach for users who want to learn English while getting real-time feedback on various aspects of spoken language, like pronunciation, accent, vocabulary, and grammar. ELSA uses AI technology that was programmed using voice data of English speakers with different accents, allowing the AI to recognize the speech patterns of non-native speakers. ELSA provides users with offline access, opportunities to help users build vocabulary, and customizable learning plans based on why the users are learning English or using the app. The app is available across different smartphones with different kinds of operating systems.
  8. Lensa AI

    Lensa AI is an AI-powered photo and video editing app developed for content creators and users looking to find an easy solution for their photo and video editing needs. The mobile platform offers a variety of filters and features that simplify the editing process. It is also equipped with tools to automate a large portion of the editing process, provide professional-grade face retouching, and remove objects from photos using the intelligent eraser tool. In addition to editing objects in the photo, the app also enables users to edit backgrounds while ensuring that the quality of the photo is not compromised. This is one of the best apps for Android and iOS devices.
  9. Duolingo

    Duolingo is an AI-powered language learning app that provides users with a free, fun, and practical learning experience. The mobile application has different quick and bite-sized lessons for various languages from all over the world. Users can improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through research-backed teaching methods. Using AI technology, Duolingo provides users personalized learning experiences adapted to each learner. AI also helps Duolingo provide users with access to quality education to certify their language proficiency. This language-learning app is also equipped with machine learning to improve courses while considering the nuances of different languages.
  10. Woebot

    This is an AI-powered digital life coach prioritizing mental health and health care. This AI app is integrated with health systems to provide users with evidence-based behavioral health solutions to help them feel better. Woebot uses AI, machine learning, and significant language models to allow users to take advantage of technology to revolutionize mental health care. The app digitizes cognitive behavioral therapy in a model that delivers tools and techniques to users who want to work on or improve their mental health.


App development has evolved tremendously over the years thanks to technological advancements. Using different programming languages, applications have increased usability and effectiveness, bringing users all kinds of solutions. App makers have used AI and other machine languages to develop some of the best apps to increase access to various opportunities for learning, editing, etc. Users can head to the app store or the Play Store and download any apps to improve grammar, mental health, etc.

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