10 Trending Ways to Make Money in 2024

New technology has revolutionized the digital landscape in multiple ways. As it continues to evolve, it presents new and innovative ways to make extra money or even become your primary income source. There are various tools and software that can help you bring in up to thousands of dollars when used in the right way. AI has played a significant role in automation and increasing efficiency in the workplace. As an individual, if you are well-versed with AI tools and software, you can monetize it to make money.

Here are 10 Ways on How to Make Money Using New Technology

Content Creation

Content creation has become very popular with the digitalization of various kinds of features or services for various organizations. Creating content with the help of different kinds of tools can be an excellent way to produce content outlines and landing page ideas, automate content posting, etc. These tools can help to build or grow a follower count, increase engagement, monetize content through sponsorships and ads, or even set up an article-creating agency for written and video content. Tools have become very popular among content creators, providing a great avenue to explore and increase earnings online.

Writing Services

Freelance writers and copywriters can now incorporate AI into their writing services with the help of different AI-powered tools and software. These tools help increase efficiency and research quality while making the writing process more manageable. Different kinds of AI tools can improve your writing services based on the kind of audience your content is geared toward. These tools include features like content templates, SEO optimization, spam checkers, marketing copy, and much more, all to improve your writing services.

Software Development

If you are already skilled in developing different kinds of software, you can incorporate AI to improve the software you develop to create monetized software. You can create an AI-powered app, even a chatbot, or any other kind of specialized software for businesses or organizations. You can use your technological skills to create your AI-powered software that provides services like automated customer support, automated data analyses, etc. You can even offer paid and free services for new users who can explore your software and pay for extra services.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an integral part of the marketing industry, where online and digital platforms are used to increase profits. With the help of different AI marketing tools, managing ad campaigns can become more efficient, leading to increased engagement and customers. These tools can help ads reach targeted audiences, create compelling ad content, place ads effectively, improve keyword analysis, etc., to provide digital marketers with all the information they require to strategize their marketing techniques and improve their services appropriately. Some of these AI tools also offer features like automated suggestions, performance analyses, ad management, and much more.

Photo Editor

Photo editors use their technical and editing skills to improve photo quality for clients who want to improve colors and lighting or remove elements from photos. With the help of AI, editing photos can take a smaller amount of time without compromising the quality of the photos. AI tools offer photo editors features that include photo enhancement, noise reduction, generative fill, sky replacement, and much more, all to help expedite the often time-consuming process of editing photos. Photo editors can use these tools to edit more photos in a shorter amount of time and meet client demands more efficiently.

Creating Online Courses

In recent years, online courses have seen a boom as more individuals are looking for easy access to learning content, and more institutions are looking to provide remote access to some of their most popular courses. With the help of AI software and tools, educators can create online courses for learners looking to learn remotely. These tools can help in handling the technical aspects of having online courses, like managing data, increasing engagement, sending reminders, etc., while educators can focus on delivering high-quality courses and connecting with students.


Online shopping is a form of shopping that many enjoy because it means you can shop from the comfort of your home. E-commerce companies and brands have increased with the increase in demand. If you are well-versed in machine learning, you can provide services to e-commerce companies and incorporate AI into their daily work. You can use AI to tailor the shopping experience, provide personalized recommendations, enhance customer engagement, or even introduce AI-powered chatbots to improve customer services. You can provide AI tools to companies that they can use for inventory management and minimizing overall costs.

Music and Audio Editing

YouTubers, podcasters, and musicians are always looking for audio editors to help them edit audio files and improve the audio they use in their content. Audio editors can now incorporate various AI tools into their work to make the creation and editing process faster and easier while maintaining the quality of the audio files. These tools include multi-track editing, AI noise reduction, content matching, AI-generated music, etc. These tools enable music and audio editors to efficiently go through their work in a shorter time while meeting more client demands.

Selling Artwork

Creativity in art has transcended the traditional spaces of art with the recent increase in popularity of digital artwork. Artists can now explore the digital realm of creating their art while incorporating artificial intelligence to help their vision come to life. With the help of AI design tools and AI art generators, artists can create unique collections of art that they can sell on digital platforms. With the touch and creativity an artist provides, these tools help produce and enhance artwork through features like image generation, integration of artwork into e-commerce platforms, custom branding, etc.

Web Designing

Using AI, web designers can take their services to new levels, creating websites for clients with unique and innovative designs and user-friendly layouts and making building and managing websites more accessible and efficient. AI tools and software that aid in website designing offer helpful features, including reliable web hosting, reseller programs, visual editing tools, AI coding assistance, and much more. Designers can use these features to create a website aimed at client demands while still building a website that looks nice and offers users easy navigation.


AI can be used in different digital work environments to make creation, management, development, or analysis easier. These tools help users increase efficiency in their services while enabling them to increase earnings. The more skilled you are in using various AI tools and software, the higher your chances of making more money in 2024 through the value you provide from your services. Suppose you are an artist, a developer, a creator, or work in any of the designations described above. In that case, you can elevate your services by introducing or incorporating AI to increase monthly earnings.

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