19 Best Web3 Companies Right Now

Web3 is one of the most exciting innovations in the world of technology. Using blockchain and other decentralized companies, Web3 offers direct peer-to-peer interactions and decentralization for all parties. Users have full ownership of their data, which is enabled for monetization. One of the most enticing features of Web3 is the enhanced privacy and data security that makes it safer to use. Since its innovation, Web3 has now been offered by various tech companies for different uses based on user needs. Some of the top Web3 companies of 2024 include:

What Are The Top 19 Web3 Companies?


Crypto.com is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps using Web3. It enables users to buy, sell, store, send, and even track currencies and digital assets. It also offers its users liquidity, speed, and high security, whose numbers continue to grow over the 80 million mark. In addition to the services offered by Crypto.com, users also enjoy benefits that include easy access to online wallets, smooth token swaps, and even cashback on card spending. The company has even partnered with e-commerce giants to encourage the acceptance of digital currency among users.

Chainlink Labs

Chainlink Labs is one of the leading providers of Web3 services that are secure and reliable. The company enables large transaction values across various DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other industries while enhancing smart contracts across blockchains. The company aims to develop and integrate Chainlink as Web3’s industry standard to allow various Web3 platforms to connect to the world of blockchains. Chainlink Labs enables the next generation of smart contracts to build a world powered by truth through academic research and industry focusing on user needs.


Ripple is a Web3 company that provides groundbreaking crypto solutions cost-effectively, transparently, and fast. It is built on a distributed open-source mechanism, allowing the seamless trading of currencies on the platform, bridging the gap between digital and fiat currencies. The company offers top solutions and product modules through various stages of processing that include onboarding, minting, distributing, transacting, redeeming, and destroying.


OpenSea has garnered the name of one of the best online marketplaces in the world, dedicated to crypto collectibles and NFTs. The marketplace is a one-stop shop where enthusiasts can buy, sell, and trade NFTs across different categories like gaming, music, art, and photography. The company is compatible with various Web3 technologies, and its transparency allows users to keep track of real-time activities in the NFT space. Furthermore, the company has been designed to be compatible with other operating systems to make it more mobile and user-friendly.


Chainanalysis is a Web3 analysis company that offers compliance and investigation software that enables tracking of NFTs and Web3 protocols across the ever-changing metaverse economy. The services are offered to various government companies, decentralized exchanges, and financial institutions worldwide. The services offered by this company even assist law enforcement in recovering tokens and large amounts of money from illegal enterprises. It also offers programs and certifications to educate users on various aspects of the Web3 space.


Braintrust is one of the best Web3 companies that has found a way to evolve the regular hiring process by offering rewards to recruiters and talents who use the platform. It has its digital token that is used to contribute towards the governance of the platform. With only over five years of experience in the industry, the company has managed to build a network of over 5000 talents from whom job seekers and companies can choose. It also offers an array of benefits, including transparency, the elimination of intermediaries, low fees, and participation in the platform’s governance.


Globally recognized as a blockchain company, Consensys specializes in the scalability and development of tools and enterprise products that Ethereum powers. The platform offers a range of consulting and development services and blockchain and Ethereum solutions. The company has established itself as one of the top references in the Web3 space while contributing to the growth of DeFi. It has played an essential role in shaping the Web3 landscape by helping to scale other Web3 companies.


Through developing a sophisticated system of private keys and password-protected environments, Gemini has established itself as one of the leading Web3 companies. The company enables users to buy, sell, convert, and store various currencies, and it empowers investors to engage in Web3 activities that contribute to the decentralized finance space. Gemini also has an unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance that has helped them stay a top Web3 company.


Polygon is a company that specializes in scaling solutions and infrastructure for the development of the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem. It has various facilities and has become a popular option for users who prefer blockchain compatible with Ethereum and has lower transaction costs. The platform has been adopted by various mainstream companies that aim to get into Web3. It also has a native token, one of the most significant crypto assets available on the market.


This is another Web3 company that enables users to buy, sell, and store a wide range of currencies. The company has a seamless pathway that users can enjoy to securely trade on a platform that is transparent and accessible to both buyers and investors. It is available on several operating systems and allows users to automate daily, weekly, or monthly token trading at low transaction fees. It is also equipped with features that allow users to track token performance easily and consistently.


Coinbase is a Web3 company that focuses on running a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a variety of services to its users. It allows users to stake selected cryptocurrencies and create their own crypto wallet while supporting various fiat currencies. The company is also equipped to offer other Web3-related services like custody services, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, processing of crypto payments, etc. It even functions as an NFT marketplace.


This Web3 development platform offers features and services that simplify and streamline the development of multichain Web3. It has tools and structures that allow developers, startups, and enterprises to create decentralized applications while interacting with blockchain tech. It offers a robust infrastructure solution that works with various blockchains to help developers build their own faster, more secure, and efficient applications.


Republic is a leading Web3 company that allows users to invest in startups and established businesses from different sectors, including real estate, crypto, music, art, etc. Users can even invest low amounts in these companies, allowing them to have low risks and potentially higher rewards. The company also has a dedicated profit-sharing token called Republic Note. This investment platform has a diversified portfolio that includes various popular Web3 companies.

Candy Digital

Capital Digital is another Web3 platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Gary Vee founded it and operates on the Palm blockchain to establish a platform with minimum network fees. The company has partnered with major companies, enabling it to promote and increase the sale of digital collectibles tied to various entertainment properties. The company has also recently merged with leading Web3 technology and production company, enabling both companies to be the leading officially licensed digital collectibles.

Fortress IO

Fortress IO is a Web3 company that aims to unlock the benefits of the blockchain for businesses and creators across different industries. It is a fintech institution that offers next-generation solutions for custody, payments, compliance, and infrastructure. It has been purposefully built to deliver financial and regulatory infrastructure essential to rapidly emerging payments and Web3 spaces. Unlike most exchanges, Fortress IO offers a variety of different exchanges it provides, leading it to become a top Web3 company.


Circle is a global fintech company that aims to enable businesses and developers worldwide to harness the power of stablecoins for payments and e-commerce. Businesses of all sizes can use the services provided by the company to access highly liquid, interoperable, and trusted money protocols. The features of Circle make it easier for organizations to run their business on an internet scale and easily make international payments while building accessible Web3 apps. The company continually works to provide speed and efficiency to benefit all its users.


Foundation is a Web3 company that aims to bridge crypto and culture and create a mutually supportive platform for artists and collectors. The company is creating a community-driven path by providing tools and services to an evolving group of developers who work towards perfecting the future of Web3. The company also encourages users who actively participate in increasing digital expression to join the platform. The company has played an essential part in supporting emerging artists, inculcating a space for users to continue to grow.


Since its first launch in 2016, Roblox has tremendously evolved its business model to become one of the most popular virtual playgrounds in the Web3 space. It allows users to create their games through its propriety software built for game creation, which other platform users can then play. It is one of the earlier metaverse projects that focuses on providing an immersive experience to users through the 3D environment that enables users to create their virtual worlds and engage with other users simultaneously.


BitGo is a Web3 company that provides institutional investors and other crypto platforms with various liquidity and custody services in addition to increased security for digital assets. It aims to deliver trust in digital assets to its users throughout all transactions, building, holding, and investing. The company also provides secure and scalable solutions for the digital asset economy by offering regulated custody, borrowing, and lending for all its users.


These Web3 companies have become some of the best in the space due to their services, features, and decentralized systems. Through the help of innovative technology and artificial intelligence, these companies have been able to provide platforms to users that reduce the risk of hacking. Whether you are a trader, a Bitcoin miner, or an investor, these Web3 companies enable users to enjoy anti-money laundering platforms that are safe and secure and trade with ease and less hassle.

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