10 Best Web3 Podcasts To Listen to in 2024

Web3 podcasts offer an engaging and informative way to delve into conversations surrounding emerging topics. Podcasters craft their shows, which are accessible on various platforms and provide listeners with diverse content. Whether driving, cleaning, or working, podcasts are a valuable way to pass the time while staying informed. With a focus on Web3, these podcasts explore their potential for personal and financial growth, allowing listeners to multitask while expanding their knowledge in this evolving field. If you want to listen to something that will help you learn and stay knowledgeable about a niche industry.

These Are the 10 of the Best Web3 Podcasts To Listen to in 2024

    Web3 with a16z

    This podcast enables listeners to access a show that doubles as a definitive resource for understanding Web3 and crypto by deep diving into the space. It focuses on the next generation of the internet, where anyone can read, write, and own their pieces of the internet. Builders and users can tune into the podcast to learn about a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship brought on by the developments made in the Web3 space. Listening to this podcast can help you learn about a variety of topics through the podcast, from emerging networks and their effects to the decentralized web and the truths behind hacking and human rights to communicating in the crypto space and much more.

    Welcome to the Metaverse

    Luke Franks hosts Welcome to the Metaverse. This podcast has become one of the best places to learn all about the metaverse, where some of the most complicated topics are broken down into digestible pieces of information. The podcast covers various aspects of the Web3 space, like NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse. Franks invites top industry leaders and some of the brightest minds in the space to have discussions that enable each listener to learn and understand the space in a new way. Their discussions cover critical highlights in the space, ensuring listeners are updated about current events.

    The Charlie Shrem Show: Untold Stories

    Charlie Shrem brings a podcast highlighting the untold narratives of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Web3. He dives deep into the lives of some of the most impactful innovators to provide intimate narratives of the genesis and evolution of movements that have shaped Web3 into what it is today. Each podcast episode reveals a human touch of the tech revolutions that have shaped the digital world, providing a new perspective on the thriving space. Shrem also invites different guests on the podcast who share their insights on this ever-evolving space, ensuring that listeners have access to a wealth of information on some of the most exciting topics related to Web3, decentralized finance, digital currency, fintech, NFTs, etc.

    Web3 Warriors

    Web3 Warriors is a podcast for anyone interested in gaming and blockchain-based Web3 content. The podcast explores the connections between gaming and the Web3 metaverse through conversations and conversations with emerging or top Web3 artists and creators on the weekly podcast. Listeners can enjoy learning about topics like community-building in Web3, the adoption of tokenization in the metaverse, the evolution of metaverse and Web3, or learn from the experiences artists and creators have had on their journey towards finding success in the space. The podcast releases a new episode each week, offering listeners different insights and perspectives while they learn all about the Web3 space.

    DAO Talks by Tim Delhaes

    Tim Delhaes brings the DAO Talks podcast, which covers everything listeners want to know about decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. The podcast focuses on DAOs so listeners can learn and understand the sector, which has seen explosive growth recently, and how to build and invest in the sector. Blockchain enthusiasts and founders of various Web3 projects can tune into the podcast to hear about the groundbreaking projects shaping the industry. The podcast also acts as a platform for connection and collaboration, filled with a community of Web3 founders who share their visions, challenges, and cutting-edge technology with listeners.

    Hustle and Flowchart

    Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier created the Hustle and Flowchart podcast to improve entrepreneurial lives by helping them learn how to build a business that will lead them to financial success. The podcast contains discussions that perfectly blend business, marketing, creator economy, Web3, and NFTs. The hosts invite different guests who share their inputs on emerging new technologies and industries. They talk about some of the biggest Web3 companies, how tokenization has changed the world, and how to brand in the metaverse. Newer podcast episodes consist of Joe Fier focusing more on the business industry.

    Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders

    Mac Budkowski is the host of Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders, a podcast that focuses on Web3, different projects and business plans, how to attract new users and other stuff you should know. The podcaster invites some of the top creators and founders in the Web3 space to share their perspectives and the lessons they have learned throughout their journey in the Web3 space. Averaging one hour, each episode is filled with information ranging from lessons for startups to how to manage a Web3 community and much more. You can listen to the podcast on the Apple Podcast podcast player.

    nft now

    nft now is a podcast that empowers creators and listeners to succeed in the ever-changing and fast-moving Web3 space. With new weekly episodes, the podcast involves interviews with visionary creators, builders, and collectors to keep listeners updated about the trending tactics dominating the space. Listeners are also educated on how NFTs redefine the creative economy through conversations about the Web3 revolution, digital art, multiplayer metaverse, tokenization, etc. Guests provide insights on how they found success and used their creativity to thrive in the Web3 space.

    Citizen Web3

    Citizen Web3 has become one of the most active members and builders in the Web3 space, focusing on building a better society with proper community management, ecosystem development, and networking. Their podcast channel is dedicated to telling stories of some of the most influential people who have succeeded in making their dreams a reality. Each podcast episode features a guest who provides critical insights that educate and inspire listeners and web3 enthusiasts. Averaging about one hour, some recent episodes cover various topics like decentralization, optimizing resources, crypto, technological struggles, perseverance, innovation, etc., and breaking down technological and personal aspects of the industry.

    Building at the Edges

    Building at the Edges is a must-listen podcast hosted by Jess Sloss, who invites some of the top innovators in the Web3 space to have intimate conversations about how they have built some of the most irresistible Web3 communities. The discussions on the podcast are filled with multiple insights and perspectives on DAO experiments, the challenges and opportunities of decentralization, token standards, the intersections of storytelling and Web3 technology, and other topics that help listeners make sense of the complex industry. The podcast was designed to ensure that listeners gain a deeper understanding of the crypto space and the community.


    By subscribing or tuning in to any of these free podcasts on your preferred podcast app, you’ll stay updated about the Web3 space while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the decentralized network. You can start listening to any of these popular podcasts to learn about the industry and leverage the shared insights to your advantage, particularly if you’re a Web3 enthusiast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear commentary from some of the best innovators and creators who have played a disruptive role in shaping and changing the industry. Whether you’re a podcast addict or simply enjoy talk radio, these audio plays offer valuable insights into the digital asset landscape. With their widespread downloads, these podcasts are essential for anyone seeking to stay informed about the evolving Web3 landscape.

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